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07 Jan 2016

Hilary Clinton - Caught in LIE!

Activities to do Before You Write Anything

One thing is to be fully rested. Creativity can burn a lot of energy inside your brain for some reason. After show creativity for more than four hours, you start out to become tired and you also start to crave a left brain activity like washing the pots or something. If you aren't fully rested if you sit down to write, three things can happen.

Hilary Clinton - Caught in LIE!

1. Your work is going to be mediocre.

2. You'll start to think that you're not as effective as you are. This may put you onto a unpredictable manner of doubt. If you feel you are experiencing this downward spiral then take a couple of days off from writing and obtain some rest.

3. You'll get stressed out because of writer's block. When your mind is tired and also you ask it to make something, it will simply say, "Bog off, I'm still tired. Leave me alone." So be sure you have a good nights sleep and ensure you take a regular break from writing.

The second thing is to cut off the telephone and put up a 'do not disturb sign'. When you're writing creatively and something interrupts you, it is very difficult to get back what it really was you were getting access to in your work. You don't want any distractions. You would like peace and quiet for at least a couple of hours in one sitting, so make an effort to arrange this time with other people who lives along.

The third thing is to count your blessings. A remarkable technique this. I became astonished by the effect this had on my small ability. All you do is start thinking of all the good things that you experienced. Forget the bad things. All of us have had bad experiences of some sort or other, but also everyone has plenty of nice experiences too. Call all of these experiences up in your mind, whether they are from the actual or from the past no matter, just recall them. Think to yourself how good things are really. Choose to feel good about yourself.

Now, sometimes this method is difficult. Sometimes you can find experiences that need to be dealt with. There may be a quarrel as part of your family that's on your mind or something. Something like this will be quite difficult to not take into consideration. All I can suggest is you talk with a friend about any unpleasant situations and try and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Second to last is eat sparingly. Digesting food requires energy. The more we eat the more energy is required to digest it. When we overeat then the gastrointestinal system needs more energy than has been assigned to it and thus takes it from you by force and making you tired. As you know, you can't churn out good work when you are tired. It's almost impossible.

So...a small bowl of cereal with a tiny bit of sugar 's all you should put in the human body before writing. Toast is fine but watch the butter or marg. Fatty foods require more energy to break down and take longer to get involved with the system. You want complex carbohydrates that happen to be found in cereals. These supply you with a constant energy for some hours. The tiny bit of sugar compensates for the energy used to digest the meals.

Lastly, go for a walk round the block. Light exercise and clean air stimulate the brain DRAMATICALLY! Take a pen and some paper together with you because you're sure to start having ideas. What you are doing is placing the mind in its favourite environment. There's a good amount of oxygen, plenty of blood being pumped into it and you're engaged in a left brain activity which relaxes the brain. Place anything rolling around in its favourite environment and will also function at its peak. So...opt for an early morning stroll around the block, round the block or maybe even to the shops to get a pint of milk. It'll do you the world of good, basically...

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